Jolene Pickens

Gallup Certified Strengths Coach | Leadership Consultant 

Jolene is now a part of Dame Leadership, where she will maintain her commitment to delivering familiar services such as Gallup Strengths Coaching and Leadership Development.

Furthermore, she will offer an extended range of solutions through Dame Leadership.

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Leadership has been modeled to all of us,

but likely not in a way that reflects our specific strengths, which causes so many to be apprehensive in their role. Guiding leaders into understanding and adopting the effective elements of their own style, encourages a ‘leaning in’ that takes the whole team forward.

As a young leader,

I looked for a mentor who wasn’t afraid to make mistakes, focused on their destination and determined to continue moving forward. Now, I coach mentors from different organizations. I help them build bridges so that people don’t get stuck. I also give them practical tools to solve real problems.

Let’s move the culture of your organization from Now to Next

by inspiring people to be fully themselves, embracing authenticity, and identifying the unique language of success that resonates with each person.

Moving from Now to Next

is a journey that requires courage, transparency and grit, so if fatigue is creeping in, it’s important to remember that wisdom can bring hope.

Let’s talk about your journey!